Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Socialist Party - The Spirit of Rebellion


We, the working people, have built this society with our brains and hands, but the ruling class take everything and leave in their wake devastation and destruction. The capitalists’ government cuts back on the things we need, like education, health care and transportation to pay for their never-ending wars so that the capitalists can continue to reap their profits. The robber barons sit in their counting houses adding up their fortunes. But we, the workers, are faced with reality of survival. We scratch out a livelihood, barely able to put food on the table and pay the rent and we become more disgusted, angry, outraged, asking questions and beginning to find answers, beginning to see that it’s the whole system itself that’s rotten and sick and must be done away with, replaced by a new society  socialism  run by the working class itself, for its own benefit and the benefit of the vast majority of the people.


We must begin to organise and fight back. The capitalists, in their constant drive to squeeze more profits out of our labour, in their constant efforts to keep us just on the margin line of survival so they can increase new treasure on top of old, are responsible for our problemsWorking people weren’t born yesterday. We know that the boss class don’t intend to give us anything since it will put a dent into their precious profits. We know that anything we force them to give up, they’ll try to take back. It’s not just a matter of fighting to survive under their system. It’s also a matter of preparing for the big battle  the socialist revolution  that will get these leeches off our backs and enable us to create a new social system.


To preserve their rule, the ruling class intensify their efforts to create dissension and divisions among the working class. They try to set one nationality against another, white against black. Their plan is simple: divide and rule. Our plan is also simple: unite and overthrow them.


 The workers’ movement must expose and put an end to this divide and conquer plot of our mastersThe revolutionary workers movement must take up the fight against these poisonous attitudes injected into our class. We must recognise that the only way these attitudes can be overcome is in the course of uniting and struggling for what we all need, especially the thing we need most  revolution and socialism. We must explain in the course of this struggle that it’s the capitalist class that these attitudes spring from, that it’s the owning class and not our class that profits both materially and politically from them. We are in a class war  the employing class against the working class–and in a war it is fatal to think of enemies as friends and friends as enemies. As our awareness widens, so does our unity deepen. We are dirt poor but producing plenty of profits for the big banks, the landlords and the corporations.


Everywhere, the people of our class are fighting back and are beginning to see that we are not each other’s enemy, that we must lock arms and move forward against the real enemy - the source of all exploitation, oppression, discrimination and misery - the capitalist class itself who who live off our living flesh, whatever the colour of skin.


We in the Socialist Party don’t claim that hundreds of thousands of working people are lining up with ourselves. But facts are facts and exploitation is exploitation. A spirit of rebellion is being unleashed. Socialism is a society in which industry and the means of production would no longer be the private property of a parasite class, but would be held in common by the workers who operated them, for the benefit of all humanity. It has nothing to do with the “communism” of the former USSR which was actually a brutal form of bureaucratic state-capitalism

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