Friday, October 30, 2020

What we need is a red revolution, not a green one.

When a great social revolution shall have mastered the results of the bourgeois epoch, the market of the world and the modern powers of production, and subjected them to the common control of the most advanced peoples, then only will human progress cease to resemble that hideous, pagan idol, who would not drink the nectar but from the skulls of the slain.” 
― Karl Marx, The First Indian War of Independence 1857-1859

Many people are going hungry, despite the cornucopia of food that glut supermarket shelves or that gets destroyed, buried to maintain market prices and stock-market values or re-directed to making fuel by government subsidies. There are many who are homeless, regardless that society has the workers, the raw materials and the equipment to build houses for all. The central point is that world hunger is not due to the impossibility of producing more food or building more and better housing. It the capitalist media’s job is to ignorance.


Market economics and not technology has always been the main limiting factor to food production. The fact is that capitalism can never be ‘green’ or ‘ethical’ and shopping around for “fair trade” brands can never save the world. the capitalist market never creates stable, sustainable relationships with the environment or with people themselves. Environmentalists hold a deep pessimism about the environment. It suggests the problems are too big and complex for an organised sustainable solution. Human beings have the unique ability to transform the world consciously, according to a plan. The destruction of environmentally important areas of our planet is not caused by scarcity or overpopulation. Human activity itself is not innately hostile to nature. But working people are excluded from any real control of the environment. The vast majority of humanity want to live in a safe, healthy world, and to enjoy nature, have no control over decisions that affect our lives. Even at our own workplace we have to struggle for the most meagre health and safety measures. All production decisions are made by a tiny handful of capitalists, not in the interests of humanity, but solely for profit. Environmental concerns are ignored in the short term scramble for capital accumulation.


Without modern applications and technology it simply would not be possible to feed current population levels.The type of economic system we operate is. The market can never be harnessed to develop a harmonious relationship with nature. Because it depends on the exploitation of most of humanity, it must keep us subjected. Because its motor force is profit, it will result in the blind destruction of the environment.

Malnutrition and actual hunger threaten the working people around the world – unless the production and distribution of food is taken out of the hands of the capitalists and politicians. Will the people eat – or will the food corporations be allowed to accumulate profits as usual? The fact is that the production and distribution of food is the source of enormous private profit for a bunch of bloated capitalists and bankers who also dictate political policy. The bosses of the food industry will not produce food except for profit

Continue capitalism and we face the certain prospect of new wars, mass destruction of nature and the eventual graveyard of civilisation. There can be no peace, no security, no freedom under capitalism

Build socialism and we face a new horizon for humanity to give us undreamed-of wonders to enrich our life. It has been the aim of civilized man to gain freedom from want and from toil through the use of technology. It is able to give to the human race all the good things of life and plenty of time in which to enjoy them. Isn’t it crazy that the millions of the men and women who operate the modern new technology capable of  tremendous mass production go “home” to shacks in the slums of shanty-towns? Where does the goal of satisfying mankind’s needs come in? The answer is never – never under the crazy profit system. The hand at the controls of production is that of a ruling class intoxicated with power and insane for profits. 

Working people on this planet can unite to remove the crazy grip of the capitalists from the controls and create our own abundant socialist society. That is sanity.


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