Sunday, October 11, 2020

The dawn of socialism is rising 


Under wage-slavery the workers are the property of their  master just as much as a chattel slave. Under capitalism the worker is free. No legal pressure compels anyone to sell their labour power. We can take a job where we likes and when we likes, or remain idle if it pleases us. Only the commodity market, to which we must live under, compels us to sell ourselves on the labour market. If we are unable to we are doomed to poverty and hunger. With little hope of a decent future, the millions have become migrants . The capitalists will use force and violence to control them. The construction of police states has been facilitated by the hysteria against “foreigners” is being fanned worldwide.

This is a crucial time for the working-class movement and a time at which it is necessary to make a sober assessment of the present situation and perspectives. It is the time when workers must express their solidarity with the struggles of their fellow-workers all over the world, and re-pledge themselves to the fight to end of the exploitation of man by man. The future of civilisation depends upon these great objectives being reached. We live in a world dominated by capitalism, a system which allows a small minority of capitalists to oppress and exploit the great majority of humankind. It is capitalism that brings about great inequalities in living standards with more poor people now in the world than ever before, starts murderous wars to steal the resources of weaker countries and causes the growing devastation of our natural environment. Either we get rid of this outmoded system or it will devastate humanity.

 The hour is late and urgent action is necessary. Join with us in the struggle against capitalism and for revolution. Our  cause today is a vision of humanity crossing into a new world, free of exploitation, ignorance and strife,  a vision of human freedom, peace and fraternity. Our foremost task is to agitate for our vision of a world free forever from want, from race and national hatred, from sexual oppression and from human exploitation. Our vision is one of peace and social harmony. The technological level of the means of production makes realising this cause.  We no longer have to work long hours or rely upon the meagre state- welfare payment just to eke out a miserable existence for our families. The new technology makes a world of material abundance available to all. Today, with artificial intelligence and robotics production takes place with a minimum of human labour or no human labour at all through automation. The capitalists have reaped unprecedented profits from these changes. It is now time for the people to benefit.  Our ideas are generalisations from the past and from the present; we use them as weapons to create the future cooperative commonwealthThe next stage in human evolution must be socialism. The Socialist Party must win the war for the hearts and minds of our fellow-citizens and arm it with the understanding that the only thing standing between them and the wealth being generated by the new technology is a tiny, vampire-like class of billionaires. The decisive struggles to assure humanity of its socialist future, to abolish war and misery, are approaching. It is up to you to transform moribund capitalism into a society for the prosperity for all, ending forever all misery, dictatorship and war.  Our cause is to urge fellow-workers toward the new world that is now possible.

For many long years the Socialist Party pleaded with the workers to organise and take over the entire means of production and distribution. Books, pamphlets, leaflets and periodicals of all kinds were freely circulated, with scant success. The workers rebuffed revolution with their blank indifference. Now, they are aroused with a vengeance. The onus is on the Socialist Party to translate economic theories long expounded into a practical method of producing and distributing the wealth in such a way as to end for ever the exploitation of the many by the privileged few. World socialism is possible but getting there is the challenge, and to do so we  need to be able, as a movement, to voice our views in the most open, democratic ways we can find.

The Socialist Party brings the cause of human freedom, of peace and prosperity. They are few; we are many. 

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