Tuesday, October 20, 2020

The cries of distress and despair


The world sinks ever deeper into ever multiplying crises. The human civilisation, as we know it, is facing its worst catastrophe. Capitalism heaps misery upon misery upon backs of the toiling workers. For countless millions of human beings life today is a one of hunger, unbearable drudgery full of worries and anxiety. Everywhere fellow-workers look desperately for remedies. But they can find no cure.  Disease, and death has the daily lot of millions around the world and the difference between bare existence and non-existence is so slight for people who suffer terrible poverty, poor housing, poor food and pandemics of pestilence.

Nations are no longer isolated. Communications and travel have made us all neighbours.The sweat-shop factory system is one of torture and murder and is a disgrace to any one from anywhere.  There is no way out save in a complete overthrow of the capitalist system and the dawning of the new age of socialism. We are socialists because we believe that socialism will solve the misery of the world — give food and homes to the men and women who are hungry and without decent houses. We believe socialism is practical. Capitalism exacts a gloomy toll of death and destruction never before known in history.  Yet with  our own eyes we can see the great achievements modern civilisation could accomplish which could easily transfer millions out of  starvation, misery and insecurity throughout the world. We have unparalleled opportunities to achieve plenty for all. The purpose of the Socialist Party is the abolition of wage-slavery. Our goal is to achieve equality for men and women.  It exists to fight against the exploitation of those who toil by hand and brain, and to strengthen working-class organisation and political understanding of the need of ending capitalism and establishing socialism. We strive for worldwide working-class solidarity. We are engaged in a class war to end wage-slavery, to end capitalism with its evils of misery and degradation, a war to end war. And until we are victorious in this war it will not end and we do not want peace—because such peace will be the peace of the beggar and the slave.

The Socialist Party is the great foe of capitalism, with its degradation and destruction of humanity. The Socialist Party works to insure the workers own free development and their own liberation. It strives for the liberation of society. The capitalists are as a class, a useless, dangerous, parasitic minority that can be dispensed with. The only way out for the working class is to take power and bring the resources of the modern economy under a rational social plan. Having overthrown capitalism and established common ownership of the means of production and distribution, the working class will build towards a truly socialist society, in which at last the principle will be: “From each according to his or her ability, to each according to his or her need.”

The truth is that so long as the capitalists remain in power, so long as the destinies of every country are decided by the interests of those capitalists, monopolists and profiteers, the munitions makers and militarists there we will be without any prospect of peace or freedom for the people and the world will be soaked in blood; corpses heaped high; all remaining liberties will disappear. Nowhere do the ruling class offer the people a way out of the nightmare of suffering that has been imposed upon us. Capitalism threatens to plunge all humanity into barbarism. 

The aim of the Socialist Party is to overthrow world capitalism. A socialist society will abolish the class division of society, i.e., simultaneously with the anarchy in production, it will abolish all forces of exploitation and oppression of man by man. Society will no longer consist of antagonistic classes in conflict with each other, but will represent a cooperative commonwealth. Socialism will end destroying innumerable human lives and incalculable wealth in struggles between classes and nations. Socialist society will be State-free with private property in industry and land abolished (but, of course, not in articles of personal use), with exploitation of the toilers ended, and with the capitalist class finally defeated and all classes liquidated, there will then be no further need for the State.

 The guiding principle will be: “From each according to ability, to each according to needs.” That is, the distribution of life necessities—food, clothing, shelter, education, etc.—will be free, without let or hindrance. Socialist production, carried out upon the most efficient basis and freed from the drains of capitalist exploiters, will provide such an abundance of necessary commodities that there will be plenty for all with a minimum of effort. There will then be no need for pinch-penny measuring and weighing. 

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