Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Band-Aid Capitalist Solutions

On June 22 hundreds of Toronto city staff, police and private security guys smashed their way into Trinity Bellwoods Park to force out two dozen homeless people who were camped there. Hundreds of protesters formed a shield where the homeless had been staying. 

This was the latest incident by the city to clear the homeless out of the parks. Their arguments were health, safety and fear of fires getting out of control. Fences had been erected around the encampment which the police eventually broke down to drove everyone out. No one was badly hurt, though criminal charges were laid against three people. 

The city offered indoor spaces in shelters but was told they had no intention of going into hotel sites set up during the pandemic. 

One homeless person said, ''I want a permanent place to call home not a spot in a shelter which is a band-aid solution.'' 

But that’s all capitalism ever does -- give band-aid solutions – to homelessness, to poverty, climate crisis, pollution, the lot. Those are the rules it plays by

S.P.C. Members. 

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