Saturday, July 24, 2021

The waste of Amazon

 Footage and photographs of Amazon’s Dunfermline depot in Fife, taken by one of its workers, appear to show boxes of groceries, including crisps, tinned food and soft drinks, being earmarked as waste. They included products with intact packaging that had not passed their best-before date.

 Amazon was already facing scrutiny in the wake of a previous report by ITV News that showed large quantities of non-food products, including laptops, TVs and books, being sorted in the same manner in Dunfermline.

The secret filming in an area called the “destruction zone” showed computer equipment, power tools and even sealed face masks being placed into boxes labelled “destroy”.

“I reckon 70% of what we put into bins is sealed and in its packaging,” the worker said. “It’s stuff like Heinz tins of soups or tins of beans. Unopened bottles of water, Coke, orange squash or nutrition drinks. I’ve also thrown away in-date fancy chocolates or Easter Eggs, treats that kids would love.”

 In the UK, as employees from eight different warehouses told the broadcaster that they destroy new and unsold products as part of their jobs.

Charities call for ‘Amazon anti-waste law’ after firm denies destroying in-date food | Business | The Guardian

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