Saturday, July 24, 2021

The dawning of socialism.


We want to take over the means of production peacefully. Our mission is to inform the majority of our ideas because we want to educate the majority of the people to accept our ideas.  It is impossible to use force against the masses. We can only use the power of persuasion and no other power. We attempt to educate our fellow workers to act independently on the political field and also to exhaust all possibilities of a peaceful change,   an ideal most desirable. Every socialist would subscribe to that idea. It is nonsense to think that a small party like ours can, by its agitation, create dissatisfaction. What will create dissatisfaction is the capitalist system itself. The class struggle will go on whether we agitate for it or not. We have very little influence in the labour movement but the struggle goes on right now.  The human mind is surrounded by a crust of all the ideas it has absorbed from childhood, and not until events destroy that crust is it ready to accept new ideas. It is because we want to get the confidence of the workers that we promote their interests. We are internationalists. We make no distinctions between colour and nationalities. For us internationalism is the very heart of socialism. We conceive of the world as an economic unit. No nation, no matter how wealthy or powerful, can separate itself from the rest of the world.  Socialism is a world system under which all lands and all peoples will cooperate to produce enough goods to satisfy the reasonable needs of every human being. Every region will produce that which it is best fitted to produce. If a region can produce good machinery then let it not busy itself with producing agricultural products. Let some other region best fitted for the production of agricultural products produce those products and exchange its products for the machines produced by another. Peace will come to a world cooperating in this way, which will be made possible only by socialism, which will do away with capitalist cliques fighting for colonies and markets.

We reject the idea that one nation or one people is superior to any other nation or any other people. To us all human beings are equal. The prejudices that exist are a product of the social system and not inherent in human nature. The brotherhood of man will be made possible and real under a socialist society which will do away with economic conflicts. Our party belongs to the World Socialist Movement.

Wherever we are, there we fight to the best of our abilities for liberty and democracy. Our aim to win a majority of the people to our ideas.

We plead guilty to being Marxists. We are Marxists because we believe that the economic structure of society is the determining factor in social development and that man is a product of his social environment. We are Marxists because we believe that the productive forces of society have reached a stage where it is possible to produce everything necessary to satisfy the reasonable needs of the people; because we believe that capitalist society has reached a point when the people must either progress with socialism or perish through barbarism.  


We proclaim to the world that if is possible to build a new social order guaranteeing every human being a decent livelihood and a chance to develop ones individuality, free from economic worries, free from the dangers of war. We say that we have reached an epoch where mankind must go forward to socialism or else back to barbarism. The strength of our ideas lies in the very fact that we are living in an unorganised society. The strength of our ideas lies in the fact that our general predictions, based upon the laws operating in society, inevitably come true. We base our activities upon a theory that has withstood the test of time and events. We still have hopes that the people will come to accept the ideas of socialism. The darkness that surrounds us can be destroyed only by the dawning of socialism.

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