Friday, November 18, 2016

Sick Scotland

The average person from the most deprived tenth of Scots dies aged 73, after 23 years of living in "not good health".

The person from the least deprived tenth of Scots can expect to die, on average, aged 83, after 10 years of being in poor health.

Other gaps between least and most deprived:
1. Low birth weight was more than twice as high
2. Breastfeeding was almost three times lower
3. Signs of tooth decay in children ran 54% to 81%
4. Childhood obesity was less of a divider, at 18% to 25%
5. The teenage pregnancy rate was nearly five times higher in the most deprived areas.

Glasgow has the lowest life expectancy of anywhere in the UK. Even by comparison with similar cities.  Compared with Liverpool and Manchester, premature deaths in Glasgow are 30% higher.

How long can a child expect to live, born in 2014?
Healthy life expectancy:
Most deprived 47.6
Least deprived 72.7
Life Expectancy:
Most deprived 70
Least deprived 82.5
Years spent in 'not good health':
Most deprived 22.6
Least deprived 9.8
Healthy life expectancy:
Most deprived 51
Least deprived 73.2
Life expectancy:
Most deprived 76.7
Least deprived 84.5
Years spent in 'not good health':
Most deprived 25.7

Least deprived 11.3

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