Thursday, November 10, 2016

When Will The Insanity End?

To say the least, capitalism is an insane system. It's fundamental that the ownership of the tools of production by a minority, with the majority of people selling their working abilities to them for money which they use to buy some of the goods they have produced, is insane enough.

 From this flow, all manner of insane situations and the latest being the Republican party selecting a cartoon character to be their Presidential candidate. It is so stupid that newspapers that have urged their readers to vote Republican for years are now telling them to either abstain or vote for Clinton. 

Whomever wins it will still mean the continuation of capitalism and the insanity of billions being spent on war instead of social programs because of capitalism's insane profit priorities. One may well wonder when the insanity will end. It could be with the establishment of Socialism.

 John Ayers.

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