Sunday, November 06, 2016

The Jungles of Capitalism

Nearly 100 migrants a day arrive at the refugee camp at Calais. 

French authorities have tried for a year and a half to dismantle the vast camp known as ''The Jungle''. In March, when 4000 lived there, they leveled half of it, since then it's numbers have swelled to 10,000. 

It's very visibility is proof of Europe's inability to cope with the influx of so many people. Most want to go to the U.K. and so the Brexit vote has not put any off. There is nothing new in this, think of the migrant camps in the thirties, the Nazi death-camps, and the post-World War2 Displaced Persons camps. Whether it be economic or governmental pressure people are constantly going into camps. 

The French authorities don't know what to do because they are looking for answers within capitalism and they're aren't any. 

John Ayers.

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