Monday, November 07, 2016

The proletarian commonwealth.

Capitalism is synonymous with violence, and it is the handmaiden of chaos. Capitalism is based on wage slavery. The capitalists hire wage workers to produce wealth, give them part of that wealth in the form of wages and keep the rest. We do not sell our labour to the capitalists; we sell our labour power. But capitalism is only a passing stage in the economic development of mankind. As capitalism spreads over the earth it produces the working class the great class whose historic mission is to end the exploitation of man by his fellow man. Workers want to escape from wage slavery. Some soon learned that reforms are either economically unsound or politically impossible. That the workers can get only what they have the power to take. If they have the power to take, and begin to exercise that power, the capitalists will often try to get ahead of them and give, hoping to get credit that they do not deserve and deceive the workers into the belief that the benefits do not come because of their own organised powers but because of kindness in the hearts of the capitalists. Rest assured, that if the workers allow their organised power to weaken, the hearts of the capitalists will harden accordingly. We, the workers, are many, though divided because of ignorance. They, the capitalists, are, few, but strong organisationally, ruthless in policy, grimly determined to increase in power and to perpetuate their dictatorship over the hopeless existence of a robbed class.

The employing class, organised in business associations, know that if one group of workers fight and win, other workers will be encouraged to do likewise, and the more they get the more they will want. So, no matter how much the capitalists fight among themselves, they are as one against labour. This resulted in the grand idea of solidarity of labour, a solidarity that knows no race nor country. Class systems are not eternal. Everything in the universe, from atoms to solar systems, is continually moving, changing, transforming, developing; likewise, the history of the human race is nothing but a ceaseless change, a continuous development. In the course of its history classes are formed; these classes continually struggle for supremacy and, after prolonged struggle, one class succeeds another in the dominating position. The struggle continues until class divisions themselves are dissolved and a new, classless society results. When the power of workers becomes greater than the power of the capitalist class, then comes the revolution! Every class system in society has ultimately been overthrown by revolution. The old power will disappear before the greater power of the new. Capitalism based on production for sale will give way to production for use. Thus will end the world’s last class struggle in which the workers will be the only class, embracing the entire human family, with ownership and control of the means of life in the hands of the collectivity. This is the final solution of social problems—industrial democracy. The age-long exploitation of man by his fellow-man will cease forever, and this will be the crowning achievement of the human race. The necessity that gave rise to classes in society has passed. The social economic structure‘s capacity to produce wealth has increased to a point where it is more than ample to provide sustenance for all. Production has been socialised. It remains only to socialise control of the economic structure and eliminate expropriation.

We have reached an era where action may not much longer be delayed if we are to escape an environmental collapse unprecedented in the annals of mankind. Workers of the world, unite. You have the world and life itself to gain!

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